2021 early-adopter

After its successful start in Germany, crop.zone now intends to expand further into Europe, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland.

As part of the expansion plans, crop.zone launches a early-adopter program for farmers and interested parties who want to get acquainted with our solutions in an early phase.

crop.zone System 2020 in the field

early-adopter program main focus

During 2021 we plan to focus on several crops and applications, amongst which:

Cover crop desiccation

The crop.zone hybrid herbicide solution effectively kills and stops the growth of cover crops. This solution enables the farmer to maintain no-till or mini-till field preparation practices, conserving moisture in the soil. Moreover, the 12-meter width operating boom limits the compaction of the soil.

Weed burn-down

Farmers have less and less conventional crop protection products at their disposal due to more stringent regulation and resistance issues.

Also, organic farming can be a sustainable and profitable alternative with strong market demand.

Potato desiccation:

crop.zone offers a herbicide-free solution to manage the desiccation of potatoes prior to harvest.


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