Accelerating the transformation to agriculture

Accelerating the transformation to agriculture

Accelerating the transformation to agriculture

Strategic development beyond plant control

For several reasons, agriculture will face considerable challenges in the coming years, which can only be successfully met by rapid and targeted local adaptation of crop rotations and field treatment methods.

In addition to less and less predictable and often more extreme weather, soil erosion must be avoided, net carbon must be bound as high as possible in the soil and adequate amounts of fertiliser must be used being sufficiently friendly for the climate and groundwater. In order for good agricultural practices to be recognised effectively and then adopted by other farmers, clear and meaningful documentation of the development of soil, crop plants, weeds and greening
plants is just as necessary as measurement of outgassing, nitrate and carbon content of the soil.

This can only succeed if such data are routinely recorded in normal field management and the variability of soils, cultivars and weather conditions are used to optimise the digital field models and to develop adapted action plans.

Only with a regionally differentiated large amount of such data future-oriented farmers can develop further quickly and on an agronomically secure basis. This allows avoiding mistakes and taking the surrounding, less innovative farmers on the new path quickly, either directly or through consultants, specialist companies and science.

Especially for contractors, machinery rings and large leaseholders with a corresponding responsibility towards their clients, the simple availability of well-prepared and locally available data will become an important instrument for disseminating advanced farming methods. understands the opportunities of digital agriculture and the collection of agronomic data for its conversion into relevant information. In addition to the data produced by the electric hybrid process itself (resistances, soil and plant conductivities, plant densities…), will also intelligently integrate further sensors to provide farmers with the information and documentation they need for the agricultural services in the sense of the Green Deal.

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  • Date 26. June 2020
  • Tags agriculture

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