Hybrid Herbicide ™

electrochemical solution to replace chemical herbicides

The crop.zone process combines non-toxic conductive liquids (falling into organic farming guidelines) and the application of low voltage electricity to create an effective combination.
By pre-treating (conditioning) the plants with substances that are highly acceptable for agriculture (e.g. humic substance solutions, sugar tensides, biochar suspensions, rape oil esters), plant growth is controlled with a high degree of efficiency in terms of inputs.

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Electric Weeder

Electric Weeder

Electro-Physical treatment plus conductive fluid.

Our Device are designed for enhancing the herbicidal effect of electrophysical plant control by spreading non-toxic, conductive liquid substances and mixtures of substances.

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Mixtures of substances to enhance the herbicidal effect of electrophysical plant control.

Conductive liquid creates a film which reaches into stomata to effectively increasing conductivity.

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years since we discovered the last new herbicide as a mode of action worldwide
average yearly increase of unique resistance cases (species × site of action) for the last 30 years, with no reduction insight.
number of glyphosate-resistant weeds worldwide in 2017
Million Euro Turnover EU Herbicide Market in 2018
Components of an IWM plan

The aim of IWM is to integrate different methods of weed management into a joint effort for weed control.

Chemical component

Herbicides are and will continue to be an integral part of most weed control plans, but IWM programms will reduce this to a minimum.

Mechanical component

Mechanical weed management focuses on physical practices that disrupt germination and destroy plant tissue.
This includes new methods of electrical weed control.

Integrated Weed Management

Biological component

This biological component uses living organisms to control weeds such as bacteria, fungi or insects that have a preference for a particular weed species.

Cultural component

A healthy, vigorous crop is the best weed control. Cultural practices should give the crop a competitive advantage over weeds.


Prevention is one of the first steps in weed management. This category differs from the others in that it focuses on keeping weeds away from the field or spreading within a field.

Need of sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is farming in sustainable ways, which means meeting society’s food and textile present needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs
Co2 Emisson

Co2 Emisson

about 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by agriculture



Polluted 48% of stream and river water

Farming land

Farming land

Conversion of 50% of the world’s habitable land into farming land

Unsustainable Agriculture

Unsustainable Agriculture

Leads to loss of 12 million hectares of land each year to desertification



increased pesticide usage by 26 times over the past 50 years

Loss of Land

Loss of Land

At this rate by 2050, another 120 million hectares of natural habitats will be lost to farmland.

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Technology Will Change Weed Control From Chemistry to Application.
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Our Purpose

Develop innovative technologies and farming practices that help farmers increase efficiency and reduce the amount of natural resources—water, land, and energy—necessary to meet the world’s food, fuel, and fiber needs.

Our Vision

Modern agriculture is driven by continuous improvements in digital tools and data, as well as collaborations among farmers and researchers across the public and private sectors.
Also will Weed Control change from Chemistry to Application.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of modern agriculture by partnering with area businesses, community leaders and farmers to work together to develop and build solutions for a cleaner and safer world to live and work for future generations.


Integrated weed management

Integrated weed management is defined in various ways, but the essence of the concept is that many different weed management tools are used in an integrated way to control weeds. One way to design integrated weed management is to overlap the four sciences/means of weed management: physics, chemistry, biology and ecology.

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