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Experience Electric Crop Management live –
at the field day on 07 August in Geilenkirchen

Works like chemistry

But without chemistry

Professional, biological and residue-free plant control.
Fast, safe and reliable.
With hybrid herbicide technology from

Discover the future of plant control. With

The high performance of the volt.cube, the enormous working widths of the volt.apply and the efficiency of the volt.fuels make the hybrid herbicide technology a very good alternative to conventional siccation processes. develops systems that can always be used where a crop is to be gently, quickly and effectively eliminated in agriculture. This ranges from siccation for harvest preparation (e.g. potatoes), through the removal of green manure to the control of weeds/weeds/weed grasses. This makes hybrid herbicides a possible alternative to chemical, mechanical and thermal plant control, with minimal energy requirements, no soil movement and no residues.


Robust and extremely powerful – the volt.cube supplies the electrical energy.


Working widths of up to 12 m allow fast and safe siccation.


The residue-free liquid lowers the electrical resistance of the plants.

Field day 2023

Hybrid Herbicide

Model airfield at the Ikarusweg‭, ‬
Geilenkirchen‭. ‬With snacks and dringks aterwards‭.‬

With’s Hybrid Herbicide technology, you secure your crop at competitive prices. We deliver effective technology for precision agriculture.

Technology that has sustainable effects.

How our Hybrid Herbicide Technology works, where it can be used and what the environment gets out of it, we have compiled for you in the effect section.