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This is is the specialist when it comes to herbicide-free siccation and plant management. The professional technology incorporated in our machines enables safe, efficient and cost-effective crop preparation. Our technologically advanced system achieves premium crop quality while protecting the soil. offers the solution for ecological, sustainable agriculture and thus makes its contribution to the future of our planet.


We develop field-ready innovations for electrophysical plant control, enabling farmers to implement environmentally and climate friendly agriculture with sustainable resource efficiency for a real bio-economy and stable nutrition of humankind.


Plant control in the future will be highly targeted and electrophysical wherever possible, with a sustainable minimum of chemical herbicides and soil movement. Climate positive agriculture with high environmental quality will become the socially accepted standard for future generations.

Our Mission Statement

Together with regional, national and international innovators and companies, we invent science-based solutions for a peaceful, safe and environmentally responsible world. These are tested in practice with farmers, further developed and are then available to them for sustainable agriculture.

To be a great place to work, we need great people to work with us. offers the next generation of hybrid herbicide and the team has the expertise and experience to make a big impact in this transforming market segment.

Michiel De Jongh