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Pioneering project: and partners present revolutionary glyphosate alternative!

Innovative research project: leads the way to a sustainable future – now also in rail transport!

Interdisciplinary experts are working together for a sustainable future.
Interdisciplinary experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, railway technology, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, ecology and agricultural sciences are working together for a sustainable future. sets new standards in the fight against chemical herbicides and offers a groundbreaking alternative to glyphosate. Established on the agricultural market since 2022, is now demonstrating its potential for large-scale applications at Deutsche Bahn.

Innovative technology for a sustainable future

At a time when the use of chemical herbicides such as glyphosate is coming under increasing criticism, with more and more environmental side effects becoming known and resistance to crop protection products on the rise, offers a sustainable solution for agriculture and other applications. Our technology, Electric Crop Management, combines electricity with its highly efficient use to provide advanced weed control without chemicals.

More than an agricultural solution

Our technologies are ideal for large-scale applications, both on fields and farmland and on railway tracks. Authorities and rail companies have been looking for alternatives to glyphosate for decades and some, such as Deutsche Bahn AG, have now stopped using it.

Successful project nears completion

After intensive research and development in collaboration with the customer, the German Centre for Railway Research (DZSF) and other partners, including RWTH Aachen University, HydroMill GmbH and LBBZ GmbH, is about to successfully complete a previously confidential project.

Groundbreaking technologies in practice

On 13 June, the project partners presented their results in Aachen. The processes impressively demonstrated that offers a feasible and effective alternative to conventional methods through the targeted use of electric current alone or, depending on the area of application, in combination with other processes.

The conclusion is at the forefront of a movement that is making chemical herbicides obsolete in many applications. With our technology, we are ready to change the future of agriculture and other industries in a sustainable way. This helps farmers and rail operators as well as the environment and society, and is fully in line with the Green Deal’s sustainability strategy.


Leading company in the field of electric crop management is one of Europe’s leading providers of large-scale electric crop management. The complete solutions currently include herbicide-free siccation, treatment of catch crops and weed control for professional farmers. The innovative solutions are based on interdisciplinary knowledge in chemistry, biology, physics, ecology and agronomy.

The professional technology of our systems, “Made in Germany”, enables safe, efficient and cost-effective use by professional farmers and contractors. Our series-produced, technologically outstanding system achieves high-quality results while protecting the soil. offers the solution for ecological and sustainable agriculture and thus contributes to the future of our planet.