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Press: NUCROP sweeps the PotatoEurope Innovation Awards and wins two prizes

NUCROP, the new hybrid electric solution for alternative crop desiccation and weed management, has been voted the most innovative new technology in potato production by potato professionals worldwide. In addition to the Audience Award, NUCROP won the silver medal at the PotatoEurope Innovation Awards. Both prizes were presented on 1... read more →
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Introducing Nerit’e


40% of Nitrogen fertilizers is wasted due to farmers inaccessibility to soil monitoring tools. This overfertilization pollutes our soils, water streams and atmosphere, harming growers’ ability to build a sustainable livelihood. That is why we decided to get... read more →
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fenaco and agree on strategic collaboration and develop an innovative and sustainable method of weed control’s sustainable and targeted methods of weed control reduce the use of plant protection products. The innovative technology controls weeds with an electrical charge. It is being introduced, tested and further developed in Switzerland for the first time by fenaco. This gives farmers a competitive and sustainable alternative method... read more →
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NUCROP – Nufarm and launch new brand for alternative weed control

Australian crop protection and specialty seed company Nufarm and German ag-tech start-up are announcing the launch of NUCROP – Hybrid Electric Crop Protection. Through its Early Adopters Program, the competitive and sustainable alternative for weed management is now available to Farmers and Contractors in Germany, France, Belgium and... read more →
okt 13 GmbH en MASCOR Instituut Aken kondigen strategische alliantie aan

De nieuwe samenwerking zal de ontwikkeling van een hybride onkruidbestrijding voor groenten en speciale gewassen uitbreiden. AACHEN, Duitsland, 13 oktober 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Het baanbrekende project SEWIA (Selectief Elektrochemisch Onkruid wieden In De Landbouw) zal nieuwe instrumenten ontwikkelen, waardoor boeren moderne methoden kunnen gebruiken voor het selectief wieden van... read more →