Hybrid Herbicide ™

electrochemical solution to replace chemical herbicides
The process combines chemical and physical plant protection to create an effective way to kill weeds.
By pre-treating the plants with substances that are highly acceptable for agriculture plants are treated with a much high degree of efficiency and lower energy use.
  • Yield protection for farmers
  • Competitive pricing (less costly than chemical model)
  • Protects the soil, promotes CO2sequestration in soil (no ploughing -no-till)
  • Complies with organic farming guidelines
  • Broad mode of action
  • Efficiency for application as good / fast as a sprayer
  • Very low CO2-footprint
  • About 3x faster than ploughing System 2020 2020 system in the field

electrophysical solution

electrophysical weeder

yield protection for farmers and competitive pricing (less costly than chemical model) and protects the soil, promotes CO2sequestration in soil (no ploughing -no-till)

  • 8 m application width
  • 4 km/h application speed
  • 3 HA / hour
  • 2 liters diesel consumption / HA
  • 25 liters conductive liquid / HA


non-toxic conductive liquids which comply with organic farming guidelines.
It additional resistance through:

  • destroyed wax layer
  • destroyed cell walls
  • leaking cell sap
  • less resistance in leaves
  • less resistance in stems
  • less resistance in dead stems

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Our Purpose

Develop innovative technologies and farming practices that help farmers increase efficiency and reduce the amount of natural resources—water, land, and energy—necessary to meet the world’s food, fuel, and fiber needs.

Our Vision

Modern agriculture is driven by continuous improvements in digital tools and data, as well as collaborations among farmers and researchers across the public and private sectors.
Also will Weed Control change from Chemistry to Application.

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Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of modern agriculture by partnering with area businesses, community leaders and farmers to work together to develop and build solutions for a cleaner and safer world to live and work for future generations.

Agricultural background applications applications

CO2 reduction and storage as part of the portfolio
application scalability

application scalability

scalability of crop-zone application through of modular design of the high-voltage units
Efficiency through synergy

Efficiency through synergy

Efficiency through synergy - Making non-chemical plant control effective
conversion farmers need

conversion farmers need

Do farmers need particularly much in the conversion phase to organic or soil conserving farming?
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