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Works like chemistry

But without chemistry

How does
Hybrid Herbicide technology work?

Immediately before electric application, the plants are pre-treated with the conductive liquid volt.fuel via a field sprayer on the front hydraulics of the tractor.

A PTO-driven generator is attached to the rear hydraulics of the tractor, which converts the mechanical power of the tractor into three-phase current. The electrical power is then distributed via an integrated control cabinet to the max. 16 high-voltage units that supply the applicators. The 75 cm wide and 1 m long applicators are arranged on a hydraulically foldable linkage behind the generator.

A single applicator treats a row of potatoes. Electrode units with different polarity are located at the applicators. By touching the plants, the circuit is closed, the cells are destroyed, the ripening is initiated and the peel strength of the potatoes is promoted. Depending on the plant and weather conditions, the drying and dying of the plants takes a few hours to a few days. In total, this system works with a power between 1600 and 5500 volts and per applicator with up to 7kW. With a working width of 12 m and a working speed of up to 8 km/h (= 12 kWh/ha), an area output of 4-5 ha/hour can be achieved.The device weighs 2.4 tons and requires 145 kW of energy at the PTO.