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Why does use volt.fuel instead of simply spraying water?

Water alone has very poor conductivity compared to volt.fuel. The crucial ingredient in volt.fuel is not the water, but the salt ions that conduct the current. Rain and dew in particular are made from previously evaporated and then condensed water and are therefore very low in salt ions and consequently conduct very poorly. Unlike crop protection products, where ultimately only the active ingredient counts after distribution, it is important for the effect of volt.fuel that the water in volt.fuel bridges the areas between the applicators and the leaves or stems. For this reason, volt.fuel is always sprayed on as an integral part of Hybrid Herbicide in one operation just before the electric current treatment.


Robust and extremely powerful – the volt.cube supplies the electrical energy.


Working widths of up to 12 m allow fast and safe siccation.


The residue-free liquid lowers the electrical resistance of the plants.