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Does Hybrid Herbicide Promote
Biodiversity in Fields?

In general, it is a reasonable goal to cultivate monocultures for many crops, since a specific crop with a high yield is to be harvested. However, in order to achieve this, it is not necessary to kill as many other plants as possible, especially in the context of integrated pest management. Since hybrid herbicide can only kill the plants that are directly touched, many small, low-competition plants are not damaged on a large scale. Even in potato fields, small plants under potato weed are not touched. Thus, many of these plants can then also be useful to many animals in the food chain as part of the biodiversity.


Robust and extremely powerful – the volt.cube supplies the electrical energy.


Working widths of up to 12 m allow fast and safe siccation.


The residue-free liquid lowers the electrical resistance of the plants.