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Are there any residues at volt.fuel after use and where do they go with it?

Since volt.fuel concentrate is not diluted with the Hybrid Herbicide proportional proportioner until it is used, there are generally no relevant unused volt.fuel quantities in the main tank. If vessels or the spray nozzles are to be rinsed, it is best to distribute the resulting liquid immediately on the field. At most, some plants will be pleased with some mineral nutrients (without phosphate, nitrate, chloride) and bacteria will have with the biodegradable organic component for a short time an additional food source. However, the substances in a diluted state and limited quantity are also not able to harm surface waters or sewage treatment plants.


Robust and extremely powerful – the volt.cube supplies the electrical energy.


Working widths of up to 12 m allow fast and safe siccation.


The residue-free liquid lowers the electrical resistance of the plants.