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Why is there oat siccation and where in the world is it used?

Oat siccation is the drying out of oat plants before harvest. This is usually done to facilitate harvesting or combine threshing and to synchronize maturity, since oats mature relatively unevenly. The most common herbicide used to siccate oats is glyphosate. Siccation is usually applied at yellow maturity (BBCH 87) about 2-3 weeks before harvest. In German cereal cultivation, siccation is only permitted to a very limited extent, namely to restore harvestability in stored cereals, with an extreme proportion of second formation of shoots, or a strong late weed. However, especially in North America, siccation with glyphosate is a common procedure, which is why alternative options are being sought. .


Robust and extremely powerful – the volt.cube supplies the electrical energy.


Working widths of up to 12 m allow fast and safe siccation.


The residue-free liquid lowers the electrical resistance of the plants.