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matthias_eberius, veröffentlicht am 31.03.2023

Boston Consulting Group and Naturschutzbund Deutschland demonstrate triple win through regenerative agriculture

In a comprehensive report, BCG and NABU found that everyone will benefit from a rapid shift to regenerative agriculture: “Regenerative agriculture offers a triple win: higher farming profits, more resilient food production, and less impact on land and climate..”            

Regenerative agriculture offers the urgently needed way out to keep food reliable and affordable even under conditions of climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection.

„Building on Conservation Agriculture, which is demonstrating exponential growth in its application on farms worldwide, Regenerative Agriculture offers a transformational path for both conventional and organic farms.

Regenerative agriculture is an adaptive farming approach applying practically proven and science-based practices, focused on soil and crop health aimed at yield resilience and a positive impact on carbon, water, and biodiversity.”

NABU (only German)




Core elements of regenerative agriculture include no-till, minimizing soil movement, more catch crops and minimally invasive mulching. Even with this cropping system, it is necessary to be able to precisely control plants in the field when needed without soil movement. To date, this control has been done in non-till agriculture in many cases with glyphosate, and globally with other non-selective herbicides.

Here, offers Hybrid Herbicide, the innovative and residue-free alternative using electric current as the active ingredient. Thus, can provide farmers with an important building block for sustainable and innovative agriculture in this area as well. In this way, another challenge facing agriculture is being solved in a targeted and future-oriented manner through innovation.