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IHK Aachen reports on joint venture

Extract from IHK report:

IHK Aachen and RWTH Aachen University have joined forces to take the Aachen-based start-up to the next level.

Through a strategic partnership with GründerStart-Initiative GmbH (GSI), a joint pre-seed fund of RWTH and IHK, the company will now receive funding to enter the agricultural market in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany through the innovative Groundbreaker program. specializes in the field of weed control and pre-harvest crop preparation, offering farmers innovative solutions for competitive, effective and sustainable weed control. By pretreating crops with a conductive liquid (volt.fuel) and sequentially applying electrical charge using an electrophysical weed controller, the company enables weed control with very high efficiency and lower energy consumption compared to traditional weed control technologies.

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