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Nufarm and launch new alternative for weed control

Australian crop protection and seed technology company Nufarm, in partnership with German AgTech start-up CROP.ZONE, is launching NUCROP, a hybrid electric crop protection solution.The competitive and sustainable alternative for weed control is available now to farmers and contractors in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands through an early adopter program.

NUCROP combines chemical and physical crop protection to create a compelling and sustainable weed control solution: plants are first pre-treated with a conductive and bio-agricultural safe liquid product, then electricity is applied.

In this way, the solution controls weeds highly efficiently and with less energy input than conventional technologies. In the Early Adopters program, Nufarm and CROP.ZONE are working with selected channel partners in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands to give farmers and
contractors access to the new NUCROP technology. In addition to various other crops and applications, the early adopter program is specifically targeting potato siccation in crop year 2021. Other potential applications are currently being investigated
and will be available shortly. NUCROP technology offers growers and contractors a real alternative to proven chemical solutions at competitive prices. This is especially true for crops where chemical crop protection choices have been limited and
replacement solutions are in demand.

For more information on the Early Adopters program, visit or

With NUCROP, Nufarm and CROP.ZONE offer a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative for the benefit of more sustainable agriculture in Europe.

GmbH was founded in 2019 by a team of AgTech experts with decades of industry experience. The start-up’s hybrid herbicide solution is already in field use today as an effective tool for weed control, cover crop desiccation and pre-harvest siccation.
With its electrophysical solutions for weed control and controlled siccation, CROP.ZONE offers growers an efficient alternative in the face of increasing regulatory requirements and societal expectations. The innovative, patented CROP.ZONE
solutioncan replace a significant proportion of the synthetic herbicides used today. . It is a competitive alternative for weed control, improving crop yields, profitability and sustainability of farms. With its solutions, CROP.ZONE secures a strong foothold in the agricultural market of the future.

About Nufarm:
Nufarm Limited is a leading developer and manufacturer of crop protection solutions and seed technologies. Our more than 2,500 employees make a key contribution to our reputation for supporting growers with quality products tailored to their exact needs and effective customer support as a partner in the largest agricultural markets in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.
Nufarm is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (stock symbol: NUF) and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.