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Press: Potato links “Test drive”

The Australian magazine Potato-Link reports in its current issue on’s technology and the excellent test results.

Field trials in 2020 compared the efficacy of CROP. ZONE against two herbicides still registered for “haulm kill” in Europe.
The most effective treatment was two passes of CROP. ZONE in opposite directions. This killed > 65% of the stems, with the remainder yellowing (after three weeks). Two passes in the same direction increased the number of dead stems to over 80%, and left about 10% green stems, especially between mounds.

In contrast, the two herbicides left about 20% yellow and 20% green stems. This low level of efficacy was surprising. Both herbicides require sunlight to be effective, but conditions in 2020 were ideal. Still, three herbicide treatments were needed to reach the siccation goal.

Download the full article here.